Sunday, September 28, 2008

Market Recap & Meal Plans

Kevin, Carson and I made a trip to the Swartz Creek farmer's market this afternoon. I picked up two quarts white potatoes, one bunch carrots, one bunch celery, a half-peck of green beans, four ears corn, and one large burgundy hardy mum plant (to plant in one of the flower beds). Only two more weeks left of the Creek market. I'm going to miss it! I never did get any okra last week, so I'll need to get some later on this week. I think I might also pick up a bushel of tomatoes to do up more sauce and chopped tomatoes. We use tomato sauce and chopped tomatoes so much throughout the year, so I feel like I almost can't have too much of that stuff.

As you can see in the posts below, I canned some chicken stock and applesauce this weekend. I did up a second small batch of applesauce this afternoon. I made this batch very fine/smooth, so Carson will be able to eat it now. I also blanched and froze some sweet potatoes into pre-cut fries and some fresh Michigan broccoli that I picked up at Horrocks last Thursday. I didn't get the tomato sauce canned this weekend. I think I'll put the frozen tomatoes in the fridge tonight so they're somewhat thawed by the time I get home tomorrow night. I'm hoping to prep the sauce tomorrow night and then can it on Tuesday evening. That will free up a ton of space in my freezers! We'll see what the remainder of the week brings with any preservation activities.

This is what I'm thinking for meals this week:

Sunday ~ crockpot cheeseburger soup and crusty bread
Monday ~ enchilada bake
Tuesday ~ some sort of pasta dish with chicken and veggies
Wednesday ~ crockpot coq au vin
Thursday ~ probably eating at my parents' since my Mom is watching Carson
Friday ~ TBD... depends on whether I'm in West Michigan or not
Saturday ~ TBD... possibly going to the Flushing Harvest Festival

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