Thursday, August 28, 2008

Garden Update

I've been lacking in my veggie gardening duties for the last few weeks. I don't think I've pulled weeds in the veggie garden in three and a half weeks now. I know, I'm terrible. I've read that the biggest blunder of the first-time veggie gardener is letting the garden get overrun with weeds... well I'm afraid I fall into that category this month. But surprisingly, it doesn't really seem to be affecting my veggie yields, at least not too much.

My green beans were attacked by some unknown predator, eating away at the leaves and then the bean pods before they were ready to be picked. I had given up on them, but I noticed last night as I was out there pulling off the eaten/dried up pods that the plants are producing lots of new little bitty beans again. So I'm going to try to keep a closer eye on them to see if I can figure it out and hopefully I can get a few more beans out of my plants.

My tomatoes are coming in full-force right now. Unfortunately, I've had absolutely no time this week or last to do anything with them, so I've been sticking them in the freezer. I'm hoping to make a batch of pizza sauce (and maybe a batch of pasta sauce if I continue getting so many each day) next weekend.

I was going to pull my zucchini plants since I thought they were done, but I noticed last night that there are four new baby zucchinis on two of the plants, so I guess I'll be leaving them now. I'm excited and surprised to see more zucchini.

My butternut squash plants are running everywhere, but unfortunately don't have many squash on them. I thought I'd have squash coming out of my ears with all of the female flowers I saw a couple of months ago. But I think I only have five squash out there. I'm going to look for some at the MSU organic farmer's market in a few weeks since I had plans to make up a lot of squash puree for food for Carson.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the garden this year. And I can't wait to have a bigger one next year. I think I've decided that next year, I'll put the garden out in the field where it'll receive sunlight all day and evening. And I can make it huge. And big enough so that I can get the small rototiller between the rows so I don't have to do so much weeding. :)

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Justin & Mary said...

Sounds like your garden turned out pretty well this year! That's great. You guys have a great space for a bigger garden in the back. We're jealous of the open space that will get so much sun :) Good luck with the tomatoes. They are a lot of work. But worth it in the end.