Monday, August 25, 2008

Recap and Menu Plan

Well, my meal plans last week never happened. The only meal we had that I'd planned on were the burgers from the freezer. My mom made lasagna on Wednesday and sent plenty home for us for dinner when I picked up Carson (she'd been watching him that day). Thursday we had the burgers, Friday we ended up ordering pizza because I was so exhausted from preparing for Carson's baptismal party on Sunday. And Saturday we had roasted chicken and baked potatoes.

I don't really have meal plans this week. Kevin is leaving for Lafayette, Indiana in the morning and won't be back until Friday. I'll probably just eat some Italian Wedding Soup or some Pasta e Fagioli soup I made a few months ago and have frozen in the freezer and/or leftovers from yesterday on the nights that he's gone. Tonight I'd like to make the pesto pasta since I really need to use up my basil in the garden still (I meant to cut some and send some home with Mary yesterday, but totally forgot about it - d'oh!). But we'll probably just eat some leftovers from yesterday since we have a ton of them. Plus, it'll be a busy evening. Carson and I have to take Kevin up to the Flint airport so he can pick up his rental car for his trip, plus make sure Kevin gets packed and has everything he needs for the trip. It's also Carson's bath night tonight, but I guess it won't be such a big deal if we don't fit it in tonight and we end up doing it tomorrow.

Kevin returns on Friday. Then Saturday morning I'll be going with Jaime and the rest of the bridesmaids for manicures and pedicures followed by lunch afterwards. Then home for a few hours, then we have to drop Carson off at my parents and head to Grand Blanc for the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Sunday morning I have to head over to Jaime's mom's house between 8am and 9am, or just after I get Carson down for his morning nap. And I don't think I'll be home again until about 1:00am when we get home from the wedding. Its going to be very tough for me to be away from Carson so much over the weekend. :( Then Monday the three of us will go to Jaime's mom's house for a brunch and to watch Jaime and Jeff open their wedding gifts. Then we'll be preparing for Kevin to leave on another trip to Tennessee for the week, so next week will be another busy week. The week after that, I'll be in Texas for a conference, and then the following week it looks like Kevin will be gone again, this time to Mexico. In short, its going to be a very rough month on all of us.

In terms of food preservation, I'm not planning anything this week. Just too much going on with Kevin being gone and preparing for Jaime's wedding (still have to write me speech - eek!). Next week, I'd like to get some peaches and put them up. I'd also like to do another batch of strawberry jam since I've given away two jars (one to my parents and one to my grandparents). My tomatoes are coming in hard core right now, with the warm nights we had this weekend. So I'll need to do something with them - pizza sauce and pasta sauce hopefully. For now, I'm utilizing a tip I got on one of the yahoo canning boards I visit, and have been putting them in the freezer until I have time to use them. Otherwise, they'll all go bad because there's no way I can do anything with them this week. I also need to go out and inspect our pears in the orchard, too. I think they may have scab, so I need to find out if they're still safe to eat/can if we remove the skins (which is what scab affects).


Justin & Mary said...

Wow, sounds like you'll have quite a month. Why is it that the end of the summer always seems so busy?

Ooh, basil would have been awesome. Oh well. Then I'd have to make time to make pesto :P

Good luck with the packing, travelling and the wedding.

Justin & Mary said...

Forgot to mention, I had a burger and some cake when I got home last night. Both very good!!! And Justin told me it was new meat from Meijer. I'll have to check on that.

Amy North said...

hey Sara, where in Texas will you be?

Sara said...

Hi Amy! I'll be in Fort Worth. How far is that from where you are?