Sunday, August 17, 2008

Market Recap, Weekend Preservation & Meal Plans

Kevin and Carson joined me at the Swartz Creek farmer's market again after church this afternoon. We didn't get much, just another dozen ears of sweet corn and three more yellow zucchini. I was really disappointed the organic garlic lady wasn't there again, so yet another week I have to put off getting the good garlic to dry. I'm hoping to prep the sweet corn tonight, I'm going to make Kevin some canned creamed corn in the pressure canner. I don't think I'll have time to can it tonight, but we'll see how the evening goes still, I guess. Probably not till Tuesday.

I've had a rather productive weekend in the kitchen, with canning the strawberry jam and salsa yesterday. I also dried some more herbs from my garden and have another batch of cherry tomatoes drying in the dehydrator right now. Those should probably give me another half-pint of dried tomatoes. Still no garlic, so still just plain, dried tomatoes in a jar right now. I also got another couple bags of grated zucchini in the freezer and also some sliced zucchini in the freezer, all from our garden. I think the plants are about done for, though. We'll see, maybe a couple more.

I didn't get any peaches this week, like I'd originally planned. They'll be around for a few weeks still, since the Red Havens are just now coming into season. So I'll get some after Jaime's wedding (Labor Day weekend) and can some then. I also didn't get to the blueberry pie filling like I'd hoped to yesterday. The salsa took me a lot longer than I'd planned, so the berries are still sitting in the freezer.

As far as meal plans go this week, this is what I'm thinking at the moment... of course we'll see what the week brings and things can always change.
Sunday ~ zucchini casserole (new recipe)
Monday ~ Late night for me, going with Jaime to her final dress fitting, so we'll probably eat out and Kevin will be on his own to make something from the freezer.
Tuesday ~ pesto pasta
Wednesday ~ no-noodle lasagna in the crockpot
Thursday ~ probably just burgers that I have pre-made and frozen
Friday ~ pasta primavera
Saturday ~ who knows at this point, it'll be a busy day getting things ready for the party Sunday
Sunday ~ We're having a BBQ at our house with our family and a couple friends to honor Carson's baptism that morning

I won't do any canning this week other than the creamed corn, it'll just be too busy.

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