Sunday, August 3, 2008

Farmer's Market, Dried Cherries and Raisins

I went to the local farmer's market again this morning. I love to see all the new produce each week. Each week there is even more tasty looking produce as it comes into season. This week, I picked up another three quarts of local blueberries, some awesome local organic purple garlic, some local organic pickling cucumbers, some yellow zucchini, and some local organic baked garlic and herb pretzels. I'm going to try out making some bread and butter pickles for Kevin since he loves them so much. I made blueberry syrup (post to come) with the blueberries. The pretzels are for snacking - and let me tell you they are soooo good! The garlic is absolutely wonderful, so fresh and a great flavor. I'll definitely be picking more of that up in the weeks ahead. And I haven't decided quite yet how to cook the yellow zucchini. I always thought that yellow zucchini and yellow squash were one in the same, but I learned today that they are not. I guess the yellow zucchini is supposed to have a lot more flavor and taste almost buttery. So I'm looking forward to trying them out.

I've been working on drying some more fruit the last few days. I just get it in the dehydrator in the morning and then we'd leave to see my out-of-town family that was visiting and the fruit would be done when we'd get home. I dried some organic Rainier cherries on Friday and did some red seedless grapes on Saturday. They both turned out awesome. The raisins are so much better tasting than the raisins you buy at the store. I'm so excited to have them on hand for cooking and baking this fall and winter.

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