Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

We have a little slower week this week than the weeks past, but we still have plenty of things going on. Plus, we didn't get as much done in Carson's new bedroom as we had hoped last week. So, hopefully we can make some good progress this week. We did get the floor waxed and polished and the little closet doors primed, at least.

Today we'll be going to church and making a stop at Home Depot afterwards. We need to get some caulk for the windows in Carson's new room and a closet organizer for his new closet. We might go pick up his dresser from my parents' house, too. We'll see what we feel like doing. Wednesday we have soccer. Friday is my flex day. Carson and I will be taking Jet to the vet in the morning for his annual visit. Then we'll go pickup the milk. We're planning to go to my niece's and nephew's basketball games on Saturday morning. And we're going over to a friend's house for dinner on Saturday night.  Otherwise, that's it for the plans this week.

Here's the plan so far... I'll be updating some of the linked recipes later this week to bring them up to WAPF standards, as well. 

Sunday - church; Home Depot
(hang soft cheese; pick up dresser?; install closet organizer?; prime bedroom door headboard and footboard and paint first coat of blue; put rug in room; bring box springs and mattress upstairs; roast squash; shred leftover pork for enchiladas)
B: blueberry french toast casserole
L: misc. leftovers; kefir smoothies
D: pork roast; roasted potatoes; green beans

Monday -
(soak black beans; paint little closet doors and bedroom door paint final coat of blue on headboard and footboard; remove bedroom door and take to basement; wash new waterproof mattress pad/sheets/bed skirt/quilt; make kefir)
B: soaked raisin-pecan bread; kefir smoothies
D: butternut squash lasagna; peas

Tuesday -
(paint little closet doors and prime bedroom door; take bookshelf to basement, rough sand and prime; wash blanket; put bed together and make bed; thaw round steak)
B: soaked raisin-pecan bread; yogurt
D: pork-black bean-corn enchiladas

Wednesday - soccer
(hang doors paint one side of doors; paint first coat of blue on bookshelves)
B: yogurt and granola
D: crockpot beef stroganoff with homemade noodles; asparagus; corn

Thursday -
(make kefir; prime dresser, bed and bookshelf paint 2nd side of doors; paint final coat on bookshelves; thaw chicken)
B: soaked raisin pecan bread; yogurt
D: salmon cakes; green and yellow beans; broccoli

Friday - flex; Jet to vet; p/u milk
(paint 1st coat on dresser, bed and bookshelf hang doors; move bookshelves to bedroom; pick up dresser?)
B: fried eggs; bacon; kefir smoothies
D: roast chicken; stuffing; veggies; soaked biscuits

Saturday - niece's and nephew's basketball games; dinner with friends
(make chicken stock; prime dresser?)
B: pancakes; fried eggs; bacon
L: leftovers
D: at Adam's and Melissa's house, I'm bringing dessert


The Voogts said...

Have fun working on Carson's room. Can't wait to see it when it's done. Are you going to do anything with his old room once he's out of it?

Sara said...

The nursery will just be a storage room for a bit until we make up our minds as to whether we want to try to have a 2nd child. If we decide to try for #2, it'll be a nursery again. If we don't try for #2, we'll turn it into a guest bedroom and office.