Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

One birthday party down and one to go. Yesterday we celebrated Carson's birthday with Kevin's family and friends. Today we are celebrating with my family... at least assuming the winter storm holds off until tonight... I still need to watch the weather this morning and see what the latest is. Its a lot of work doing two parties, but its honestly more enjoyable for us. It is chaotic enough having the families together separately, let alone everyone all together at once. It allows us to interact with everyone this way and actually have a good time.

This week is going to be pretty busy. Today is the birthday party with my family. Tomorrow I am off for President's Day. Carson and I are just planning to spend the day at home at this point. We'll have fun playing with all of his new toys and I should be able to get some painting done while he naps. Tuesday I am flying up to Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. I'll be coming back Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday night we have soccer. We don't have anything going on Thursday. Friday I work and have to pick up the milk and CSA order. And Saturday we are planning to make a trip to Grand Rapids to visit Kevin's grandparents and cousins that will be in town from New York.  If timing works out, we may get some extra play time and visiting in at my BIL's and SIL's, too.  We still need to figure out plans and whatnot. 

We are hoping to finish some things up in Carson's new bedroom this week. We are hoping to paint the upper closet doors, paint the main door, paint the trim around the door, hang the blinds, and wax the floor. I also want to get his bed painted so that we can get it put together and in the room next week. I also want to get our taxes done... or at least started.  We are really hoping we don't owe again this year... it'd be great to get a return again.  I haven't really decided what all I am going to do in the kitchen this week. I know I'll be making kefir and yogurt. I haven't made yogurt since before we went to Arizona, so I am really missing it.

Sunday - Carson's birthday party
(prep food; wax floor after party?)
B: scrambled eggs; broccoli
L/D: pistachios; crispy pecans; candy; cheese, pickled bologna, summer sausage with crackers; carrots and cukes with ranch; cheese dip with chips; fruit; salad; pizza; cupcakes; ice cream

Monday - President's Day
(make kefir; paint bed; prime upper closet doors and door to Carson's orange room; prime trim; do taxes?)
B: cornbread in milk
D: butternut squash soup; veggies; grapes and pineapple if there are any leftover

Tuesday - leave for Sault Ste. Marie
B: cornbread in milk; kefir smoothies
D: leftover goulash; veggies; cornbread; jello

Wednesday - return from the Soo; soccer
B: cornbread in milk
D: misc. leftovers

Thursday -
(paint back side of upper closet doors and door to room)
B: kefir smoothies
D: whitefish with veggies in parchment paper

Friday - p/u milk
(paint front side of upper closet doors and door to room; make yogurt)
B: dutch baby pancakes
D: stir fry with chicken, zucchini, peppers, onions, broccoli, edamame

Saturday - Grand Rapids
(paint trim around door in Carson's orange room; hang upper closet doors; hang blinds)
B: breakfast casserole
L: tbd... we'll see what our plans end up being
D: tbd


The Voogts said...

Enjoy your day home with Carson. Glad you don't have to drive to work :) And enjoy your fresh yogurt. I'm sure your tummy misses it.

Is the cornbread in milk a new recipe or something you've done before? Good way to use up leftover cornbread ;)

Sara said...

We always had cornbread in milk or cream as a special treat growing up... on the morning after having cornbread with dinner. Its a southern thing, but really its just an easy way to use up leftover cornbread. :)