Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

What crazy weather we are having these last few days. We dropped 20 degrees per day for three days... 80s, 60s, 40s... and did I mention that it snowed yesterday when we were outside in shorts on Thursday? Only in Michigan. :-P Today looks better, at least, and so does the rest of the week.

Our orchard and berry patches grew last week. I planted the two fruit trees we picked up, the five blueberry bushes, and seventeen raspberry bushes. I also planted 25 crowns of asparagus and a few rows of each of lettuce, spinach, and rainbow chard. I'm a little late getting the greens in the ground, but they'll still be ok. We're anxious for them to all start growing, especially since we've been eating more and more raw veggies and salads these last couple of weeks.

This week will be pretty quiet. We don't have any plans today. We're just hoping to get a lot done outside and around the ranch. Tuesday I have Zumba. Wednesday I have a hair appointment... I had my dates mixed up last week. Thursday is Earth Day! We'll be doing some fun things to help Carson learn about this important day. Friday I am going to pick up three more fruit trees that we've ordered and we're planning to have a family movie night/date night in since it looks like it'll be raining. Saturday morning, Carson and I are going to do a 2K walk for Kids in the Kitchen with some friends of mine... as long as the weather is good, at least. And we may be going over to my friend Tiffany's house for a BBQ for dinner after the walk and festivities that follow the walk, again weather dependent.

Here's the plan...

Sunday ~
(make lemon glazed berry scones; make bread for week; work outside in the yard - weed front flower bed, clean out and weed flower bed behind garage, clean out flower bed on south side behind fence, chip branches if chipper is fixed)
B: raw smoothies with banana and young coconut
L: cashew avocado chicken salad sandwiches; raw fruit salad
D: TBD... we may go over to my in-laws' if they're doing movie night

Meatless Monday ~
(work outside)
B: lemon berry scones
L: hard boiled egg; string cheese; raw fresh fruit salad
D: zucchini parmesan (with zucchini from freezer); homemade garlic toast; strawberries

Tuesday ~ Zumba
(clean kitchen and bathroom)
B: PB toast
L: leftover zucchini parmesan
D: spinach salads with strawberries, slivered almonds, mozzarella cheese, and poppyseed dressing; homemade bread

Wednesday ~ hair appointment
(vacuum and dust; work outside)
B: lemon berry scones
L: misc.
D: pizza soup in the crockpot; homemade bread; raw fruit salad

Thursday ~ Happy Earth Day!!
(plant Carson's special plant; do some earth day themed crafts; read some earth day books; give Carson his earth day gift)
B: yogurt with strawberries
L: leftover soup
D: chicken saag; steamed brown rice; raw fruit salad

Friday ~ pick up fruit trees in Eaton County; if its raining we'll do a family movie night/date night in
(pop some fresh popcorn; watch The Lion King with Carson; then date night in for Kevin and me after Carson goes to bed - we'll just rent a movie from On Demand)
B: raw fruit salad
L: leftovers
D: order pizza

Saturday ~ Kids in the Kitchen 2K walk; BBQ at Tiffany's and Mark's house
(make oatmeal berry muffins; plant fruit trees; paint if its raining; make and can cream of celery soup)
B: scrambled eggs; toast with jam

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The Voogts said...

Wow, your orchard is really coming together! It'll be so great to have all that fruit. You will save soooo much money. I'm jealous :P Good food that's cheap is so wonderful. It's work, but it's worth it.

That strawberry salad sounds really good. I may have to steal your idea soon. I can't wait until we have garden spinach and lettuce!

Enjoy your walk on Sat. That sounds like fun.