Sunday, August 30, 2009

A week in review, meal plans, and the week ahead

I finally canned peaches this past week. The new method (post to come soon) is soooo much easier than the method I used last summer. I also froze more corn kernels, beans, and zucchini. Still didn't have time to do regular salsa, though. Maybe I can find the time for that this week, though it'll be tough. I have a feeling I'll be working long days this week with several all-day meetings scheduled. Even the long holiday weekend is pretty booked up. We'll be going to a wedding reception on Saturday. Then Sunday, we'll be at the lake for a family party, and Monday we're heading to Lansing to celebrate Kevin's Grandpa's birthday. This Friday will be my last Friday off of the summer... I've had almost every Friday off all summer, but that ends this week, sadly. I'll still be off every other Friday, at least, though.

Anyway, here's what I'm thinking for meals this week...

Sunday - pork loin roast (from the pork that my BFF's brother raised) with local organic potatoes, local organic onions, and local organic carrots in the crockpot; sliced fresh pears and organic grapes; apple pie
Meatless Monday - zucchini (from the garden) black bean (home-canned, organic) burritos; all-natural tortilla chips; home-canned pineapple-peach salsa; sliced fresh local pesticide-free peaches
Tuesday - BBQ pulled pork sandwiches (if there is enough leftover from Sunday's roast, otherwise we'll have burgers); not enough leftover from the roast and Kevin took it for lunch, so burgers it is; baked zucchini fries (from the garden); sliced fresh pesticide-free nectarines and organic grapes; leftover apple pie
Wednesday - organic whole wheat penne pasta with local organic cherry tomatoes, local organic onions, zucchini from the garden, local organic garlic, organic EVOO, and parmesan cheese; sliced fresh local pesticide-free peaches and nectarines
Thursday - taco/nacho bar, fresh mango and organic bananas
Friday - chicken parmesan in the crockpot; sauteed green beans (from the garden), zucchini (from the garden), local organic onions, and local organic kohlrabi in EVOO and local organic garlic; canned mandarin oranges; pigs or kraut bierock; fresh mango and organic grapes
Saturday - We'll be in Greenville for a wedding reception.

As for extras this week, like I said above, it'll be quite busy this week, so not sure how much time I'll have. I know I'll be harvesting and freezing more beans, zucchini, peppers, and carrots from the garden. I think I am going to dry a couple trays of carrot coins, celery, and some more zucchini, too. I planted tons of carrots this year and am just starting to harvest them, so I'll need to come up with some creative uses for them, I think. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

And like I mentioned, if I have the time, I'd like to make up a batch of regular tomato salsa. We'll just have to see what time I have, though. I would also like to make up some polish cabbage rolls and german meat pockets to freeze to use some of the cabbage from the garden. I think my grandparents are going to come over on Friday afternoon to make up some large batches of pigs and kraut bierock and to get some play time in with Carson.

I also have some shopping to do this week. I need to get a few things for Carson... some long-sleeve white onesies if I can find any that fit still, otherwise just some long sleeve white tees to wear under things. A good part of last winter's/spring's clothes still fit him, so that is good, though they won't last long... the sleeves are getting short. We had to put most of his pants up because they're too short - and he's too skinny for the next size up (18-24m), so I need to find another belt. He has one, but I'd like another one, too. I wish they made boys' pants in slims like they do girls' pants so we'd have a chance of finding pants that fit well... And I want to buy his Halloween costume, too. Hopefully I can manage to get all the shopping done during lunch on Thursday since it'll be the only lunch I take all week.. the rest will be working lunches during all-day meetings.

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Mary Voogt said...

Good luck with everything.

Just noticed your sidebar update. Way to go on the weight loss!!

Hope you have time to make carrot cake to use up some carrots. No suggestions right now for other uses. You made a carrot bake a while back that looked really good. Maybe you'll have to make that again. I might have to try it too :) You freeze carrots? Do you just blanch them like other veggies? I've never done that before. But it would be nice to have them on hand.

They used to make boys pants in slim. I thought it was the other way around...they had them for boys but not for girls. Maybe just do a little more looking. I think that Anna used to wear boys pants because those were the only slims they could find. I obviously haven't had to worry about buying slim anything so far :P But maybe I will at some point. We're doing our fall shopping tomorrow...I hope.