Sunday, September 6, 2009

Meal plans and the week ahead

We have a busy week ahead... my cousins Kristin and Joe are in town from Florida, my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bob will be in town from Oklahoma, and Jaime and Jeff will be in town from Arizona, so we'll be seeing them all this week at different points. We're having a baby shower for Kristin on Thursday night. I have to work Friday (which I am totally not looking forward to). And Saturday we'll pretty much be on the go all day. So here's the plan....

Sunday - we'll be at my Aunt Jeri's for our Labor Day family party... grilled hot dogs, brats, and sausages; potato salad; jello salad; fruit; zucchini cake; and who knows what else
Meatless Monday - we're going to Lansing for lunch for Kevin's Grandpa's birthday... we're not sure yet what our plans are for afterwards... maybe doing something fun in Lansing/East Lansing, maybe heading home and heading up to the Mexican restaurant in Grand Blanc with Kristin, Joe, and friends for dinner...
Tuesday - leftover golabki; roasted carrots, zucchini, cauliflower; fresh pears, peaches, and grapes
Wednesday - kind of TBD, maybe a greek meatless dish to use up some zucchini.... or maybe zucchini casserole... sides are also TBD
Thursday - I am helping to throw my cousin, Kristin, a baby shower tonight. Carson and I will eat at the shower, Kevin will have leftovers.
Friday - it'll be my first Friday to work in quite awhile... a crockpot meal sounds like a plan... chicken parmesan in the crockpot; sauteed green beans, zucchini, and carrots (all from garden) in garlic and EVOO; fresh mango and pineapple
Saturday - a busy day... possibly brunch at my BFF Jaime's mom's house; then possibly out to Lake Jepawhit for a slalom tournament (if we don't make it today, we'll go check it out on Sunday); then to my cousins' Josh's and Mandy's for their 10-year wedding vow renewal and cookout reception; then hopefully to Lisa's house for a party for Jaime and Jeff.

I don't think I'll have any time at all for extras this week. If I do anything extra, it will be digging out my fall and Halloween decorations and putting them up, but its not a priority this week. I'm starting to feel like I'm falling behind on some things or running out of time to do them (like canning salsa, doing a couple outdoor craft projects with Carson, things like that..), but I guess if I don't get them done, then oh well. I didn't expect September to be quite so busy... but hopefully we can find the time to finish up some things before the weather turns bad (like finishing the fence, getting Lola, cleaning the gutters, winterizing things, selling one of the cars (Imark), etc.). It'll be tough to fit it all in, but we'll have to manage. I feel like we need a week's vacation to just work on projects at the ranch... Especially when we factor in Kevin being gone a week to Germany for work this month....

Anyway, I know I'll be harvesting more veggies from the garden this week... zucchini, beans, carrots, peppers, cherry tomatoes, and cabbage mostly. The brussels sprouts are growing and are getting close to be ready, I think. And the fall squash is out of control... I won't know what to do with it all! The garden is definitely keeping us well-fed and keeping me busy this year! Its great!


Justin and Mary said...

You sure planted a big garden this year. I'm jealous :p We'll take some squash if you're trying to get rid of it. We didn't plan any this year.

We're considering moving our garden to the other side of the yard (full sun) and making it bigger. We'll see, though.

Have fun at the shower tomorrow!!

Sara said...

Yes, we did do a big garden this year. I've learned a LOT, too. And I know what I will and won't be planting again next year. :)