Sunday, July 5, 2009

Meal plans and the week ahead

A new week again. And still not a "normal" week for us. I'm off on Monday for one of my unpaid furlough days - all state offices are closed, so don't try to go to Secretary of State or anything like that. Then Tuesday, Kevin is going back down to Lafayette, Indiana for the day - drive down early morning to get there for a noon meeting, then head home around 5:00, so it'll be a late night for him. At least the rest of the week is pretty relaxed. Well for the most part anyway. I have to go to Windsor on Thursday for some meetings, but I shouldn't be late. Hopefully we'll be able to get a lot accomplished at the ranch. Here's what I'm thinking for meals thus far, but I'm sure things will change a bit once I hit up the farmers markets...

~ grilled chicken with garlic scape pesto, steamed organic broccoli raab, fresh organic strawberries, leftover dreamsicle jello salad
Meatless Monday ~ crustless quiche with broccoli from the garden, local cheddar, garlic scapes, and chives from the garden... I might throw in a few cherry tomatoes from the garden, too, since they're coming in right now, sauteed fava beans with basil from the garden, fresh organic strawberries
Tuesday ~ Kevin is in Lafayette. I think Carson and I will just eat leftover quiche with the last of the dreamsicle jello salad.
Wednesday ~ stir-fry with chicken, the last of the snow peas from our garden, broccoli from our garden, organic chard from the farmers market, organic bell pepper, and organic onion; fresh strawberries if I can still find them at the farmers market this week, if not then maybe cherries
Thursday ~ I'm in Windsor. I think we'll grill burgers so I can use up the burgers I pre-made and froze with the Laura's Lean beef... I am anxious to try the Voogt ground beef, but want to use these up first. We'll have green beans from the freezer and Meijer Natural corn chips with the burgers. I think we'll have vanilla ice cream topped with home-canned apple pie filling for dessert.
Friday ~ asian grilled pork chops, sesame braised pac choi, broccoli from the garden We ended up going out to eat at Telly's Coney Island since we were all wanting to get out.
Saturday ~ sort of undecided at this point, but I think we'll grill another of the Voogt steaks with some sort of veggies that I find this week at the market... I'd like to make creamed chard and something else to use some of my recipes in my Asparagus to Zucchini cookbook. I've decided to make cherry chicken lettuce wraps and cherry mousse since cherry season isn't going to last too much longer here.

As far as extras this week, today I'll be making up a bunch of garlic scape pesto to use with dinner and the rest to freeze. (DONE) And we'll see what I find at the farmers markets, though I might take a week off from the markets this week. Well all but my local Swartz Creek market on Sundays, that is. Although, the Michigan cherries might arrive this week... so I'm not sure if I could stay away then... I'll have to wait and see what the Allen Street newsletter says first. If the cherries are in, then I want to make a batch of black forest jam (DONE) and cherry pie filling, as well as dry a bunch (5 QUARTS DONE, BUT WANT TO DO MORE) and freeze a bunch (2 QUARTS DONE, BUT WANT TO DO MORE), too. So I guess we'll see how it goes. Otherwise, I'll focus on getting some herbs dry from my garden since I didn't get to the oregano or sage that I wanted to last week (DILL IS DONE) and maybe make up some basil-pine nut pesto to freeze since my basil is coming in strong right now. I think I'll probably have to blanch and freeze some broccoli from the garden (DONE), since its coming in strong right now, as well.

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