Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

Is it really a new week already? Last week went by so fast. Work was really crazy and I expect this week to be more of the same. I'll be glad after August 1st when things slow down a little... at least I hope they do.  In theory, they should slow down at least a little... if we can close the deal by our deadline anyway. 

We don't have much going on this week at all, which will be nice since I'm sure I'll be working long days. Today we'll be going to church and the farmers' market. If I get out of work early enough on Wednesday, I'd like to take Carson blueberry picking at a local place. They have a special on Wednesdays for $1/pound, so I'd really like to go picking. Friday is my milk and CSA pickup day, so I'll take care of that after work. Saturday, we're going over to my Aunt Roberta's house for a going away party for my cousins Zach and Matt. They've both enlisted - one in the National Guard and one as a Ranger in the Army - and they leave for boot camp within the next week or so. That's about it for our plans this week! Hopefully we'll get some things accomplished around the house/yard. We have a lot of unfinished projects right now. We have others we want to start on, but really need to finish up the older ones first.

Assuming we go blueberry picking, I'll freeze more blueberries.  I'd also like to make some blueberry topping to freeze and maybe some blueberry-raspberry jam.  I'd also like to make some fermented/pickled beets and some fermented pickles.  And we'll be picking blackberries from our patch this week.  We're also starting to get zucchini and beans, so I may need to freeze some of each. 

So anyway, on to the meals..

  • Yogurt with fruit
  • Fried eggs with sausage links
  • Frittata muffins with leftover sausage
  • Smoothies
Lunches and Snacks:
  • Leftovers
  • Greek salad with leftover chicken souvlaki
  • Egg salad with avocado
  • Creamy cucumber salad
  • Cucumbers and bell peppers with pesto dip
  • Raisins
  • Fresh fruit
  • Strawberry fruit leather
  • S:  paleo stuffed zucchini; roasted beets and carrots; salad; fresh fruit
  • M:  leftover chicken souvlaki; leftover grape leaves; fruit salad
  • T:  grilled brat burgers; grilled zucchini; cucumber-tomato-onion salad with italian dressing
  • W:  chicken breasts stuffed with tomato-basil-garlic chevre and spinach; sauteed kale; cuc-tom-onion salad; fruit
  • Th:  roasted whitefish on peas; salad; fruit 
  • F:  crockpot split pea soup
  • Sa:  eating at the enlistment party... I'm bringing tomato avocado cucumber salad


The Voogts said...

A week with no plans sounds nice :) Hope work isn't too crazy for you.

That's an awesome price for blueberries!!! Wish we had time to go picking.

Good luck with jobs around the house.

Sara said...

It is an amazing price, for sure! Especially for naturally grown blueberries. They use IPM, but have not sprayed the bushes yet this year. They spary after all berries are picked, just once.