Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meal plans and the week ahead

A new week... and another wrench thrown into the mix by Kevin's employer. We were supposed to be taking off on Friday morning for a mini-vacation/long weekend, but nope that's canceled. And instead of heading to Virginia this week to work... Kevin was told on Friday that he leaves Monday for Spain and won't be home until Thanksgiving. It feels like this is never-ending. Just when we're getting used to the way things are, Kevin's boss calls with another last-minute, high priority assignment. Hopefully it won't happen again for awhile now, though. Keep your fingers crossed. :)

We'll be playing a lot of things by ear this week. I'm off for Veteran's Day on Wednesday - which means we can actually eat a half-way normal dinner before swim class this week! :) I'm planning to take Carson up to the Veteran's memorial in Swartz Creek to find his Great Grandpa M's brick and we may go out to visit Great Grandpa, Aunt Risa, and Uncle Barry at the National Veteran's cemetery with Great Grandma Jackie, too. Friday is my Plan A day and we'll be going to tumbling. That's about all I know so far. I think we'll go visit Apple and Poppy on Friday afternoon and maybe we'll hang out with one of my cousins Friday night again. We'll see how it goes.

Today we'll be trying to finish up all of the fall/before-winter chores since it will very likely snow before Kevin gets home. We'll be sweeping up the last of the leaves in the yard, cleaning the gutters, bringing in the outdoor furniture and grill, digging the rest of the carrots, and hopefully tilling the garden. For the rest of the week... I need to work on apples again at some point. We were thinking we'd have a birthday party today, but its been postponed and will possibly be next weekend... if it is, I'll make Oreo truffles next Saturday for the party. I have some fun Thanksgiving crafts to try out with Carson a couple different nights this week. I need to go through the freezers and make an inventory of what we have in there - I know there is some really old stuff that needs to be used or tossed soon. I also want to spend a little more time in our master bedroom, getting it cleaned. That should keep me plenty busy this week, on top of the normal weekly chores.

Sunday - leftover lamb chops, potatoes, and broccoli from Saturday; home-canned pearsauce

Meatless Monday - cheese tortellini with home-canned tomato sauce; steamed broccoli; fresh pineapple and mangoes

Tuesday - oven fried chicken; zucchini fries; roasted buttercup squash

Wednesday - Veteran's Day - don't forget to do something to honor our Vets today! ... kraut bierock; leftover roasted buttercup squash; fresh pineapple and mangoes

Thursday - crockpot pork chops, apples, and sweet potatoes

Friday - TBD... just depends what our plans end up being, possibly out to eat. If we're home, we'll eat leftovers from Thursday.

Saturday - TBD... we need to figure out our plans first. If we're home, I think Carson and I will make homemade pizza.

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