Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meal plans and the week ahead

Another week already... and the start of November! Time is going by quickly. This weekend seemed way too short. But such is life, I guess. We've got another busy week ahead. Monday night, I think we'll go visit my grandma after we eat. Tuesday I'll be in Detroit all day for meetings and Thursday I'll be in Windsor all day. Wednesday is swim class and Friday we start tumbling (they canceled the class we were signed up for last week). I'm not sure what else we'll do on Friday yet, we'll see what the weather is like first. Saturday we'll be meeting up with our friends Lina, Sean, and Vayla at the Flint Children's Museum in the afternoon morning and then going out to eat for lunch at an awesome local Lebanese restaurant. Can't wait!!

I'll be working on more applesauce this week. I'm almost completely through a bushel of apples already and have to pick up another bushel on Tuesday to get going on. I made an apple crisp yesterday and want to do some more baking with apples since I haven't done much yet. I still want to make some apple muffins - hopefully Carson and I can do that one night this week, or else on Friday morning. I also want to make some Oreo truffles on Saturday morning for a family party next Sunday. We'll be doing some more fun crafts a couple nights this week, too. I also want to start tackling our master bedroom. Its just a catch-all spot for things and it is a wreck right now. I want to get it cleaned up and organized again, so I think I will start this week... though I doubt I'll finish it this week... if you saw it, you'd understand. :)

As far as meals go... still keeping it simple and sticking to what Carson loves...

Sunday - italian wedding soup in the crockpot; homemade beer bread

Meatless Monday - herbed baked eggs; roasted cauliflower;; creamy pumpkin penne pasta; beer bread with homemade raspberry jam

Tuesday - leftover goulash; homemade beer bread; apple slices

Wednesday - portable... PB&J sandwiches; cheese; apple slices

Thursday - goat cheese, corn, black bean quesadillas; home-canned pearsauce

Friday - mustard sauced pork chops and potatoes in the crockpot; roasted cauliflower; home-canned pearsauce

Saturday - dinner lunch at Badawest!! dinner... lamb chops in the crockpot; brown rice; steamed green beans

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Justin and Mary said...

Mmmm, yummy meals. Oreo truffles sound interesting. Can't wait to see the recipe :)

Nice work on all the apples. I need to keep plugging along with mine.