Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

We've got yet another busy week ahead of us.  I really don't think things will slow down anytime soon... it's seriously looking like we'll be pretty busy until like... March.  :)  I really can't believe that next weekend is Labor Day weekend.  I'm so not ready for summer to be over!!  I do love fall, but I love summer just a tad bit more!  :)  So anyway, today I think we're going to go to church in Grand Blanc and then we'll hit the farmers' market afterwards.  Monday, I am going to the final night of free Zumba on the beach with a couple of my friends.  Tuesday morning, Kevin leaves for Virginia and Tennessee for work.  I have to go to parent orientation for Carson's preschool on Tuesday night.  Wednesday I'm getting my hair done and picking up the chickens.  Kevin comes home really late on Thursday night.  Friday is my flex day. I’m not sure what we’re going to do yet.  We may be hanging out with our friends Kati and Tony.  And Saturday we are going to Michigan’s Adventure with my SIL, BIL, niece, and nephew.  At least as long as we don't get hit with any leftover rain from Irene.  I really hope we don't because we're really looking forward to a fun day! 

We'll see what else we end up doing this week.  I need to start prepping some things for our trip to Tennessee in a month.  We have so much going on between now and then, I am going to have to try to squeeze in some things here and there and stick them in the freezer till the trip.  I mostly want to prep and freeze lots of things to have in the car on the way there and back.  Things like larabars, granola bars, crispy nuts, trail mix, beef jerky, etc.  Hopefully I can get one batch of larabars done this week and maybe do some crispy cashews.  I know I'll be doing some food preservation, too.  I've got a lot of tomatoes from the garden, so I'm planning to can chopped tomatoes this afternoon.  I want to do a batch of pasta sauce this week, too.  And of course, I'll be dealing with the chickens on Wednesday night.  I'll be picking up 8 whole birds, which I'll butcher up and freeze into meal size portions of the different cuts.  We'll see what else I can get done. 
Here’s what the exercise looked like last week. Sunday – 10min elliptical, 10min boxing the heavy bag. Monday – 2mi walk, 1hr zumba.  Tuesday - 2mi walk, 10min elliptical.  Wednesday - 2mi walk.  Thursday - ~4mi walking, lap swim.  Friday - ~5mi walking, lap swim.  Saturday - ~3mi walking. 

Lunches and Snacks:
  • S – grilled pork chops with pesto; tomato cucumber salad; corn on the cob; peaches
  • M – grilled bbq chicken; corn on the cob; zucchini and green beans sauteed in olive oil
  • Tu – leftovers or scrambled eggs with veggies; fruit
  • W – sliced cheese; raw cucumbers and carrots with ranch dip; crispy nuts; peaches
  • Th – hot dogs; gf zucchini fries; peaches
  • F – sloppy joe stuffed peppers; corn on the cob; fresh fruit
  • Sa – on the road


Mary Voogt said...

Good luck getting everything done. Sorry to hear things are so crazy.

I didn't know Carson was going to pre-k! Where?

Looking forward to Saturday. I hope the weather is ok.

Sara said...

Yep! It has been sort of a last minute thing... just happened in the last week and a half. :) He's enrolled in the 3-yr old class at Faith Lutheran. So he'll go 2 hours on Tuesday mornings and 2 hours on Thursday mornings. I think it'll be so good for him.

Mary Voogt said...

Awesome! I bet he'll love it. It will be good for him to interact with other kids. Who is going to take him/get him?

Sara said...

I think it'll be good to have on a regular basis. He gets a good deal of interaction w/ other kids when he's at my aunt's house and my mom's house... they're always taking him places like the park, the children's museum, library, etc. And I focus on that as much as possible when he's with me on my flex days and weekends, too. But it'll be good for him to be in a social setting w/out mom, dad, or a caregiver. :)

Kevin and I are going to adjust our work schedules and hopefully split drop-offs. I'm going on Plan A. One of us will always drop Carson off. Then your parents will pick him up. They're looking forward to sleeping in. ;-P

The Voogts said...

Sounds like a good plan. That was what I meant...with other kids without you. Rebecca gets that with Little Lambs, MOPS and Kindermusik. It's good for them. She was excited, though, when I asked her if she wanted to do school with me yesterday. She asked if I would be her teacher :) We'll see how things go this year.

Very exciting that you'll be on Plan A. Does that mean you'll be working fewer hours overall?

I'm sure my parents will enjoy the sleep :P