Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meal Plans

Just a quick post tonight - its been a busy day today and tomorrow will be, too. So here's just the meal plans for the week... a note, you'll notice some repeats from last weeks' menu. I changed up my plans for Thursday since we ate at my parents' house and then had enchiladas using up some leftover chilupe on Friday night. And today we ended up cheating on the GF because we ended up going over to Kevin's parents' house to watch the MSU-UConn game and had pizza. By the way... GO STATE!!! Yeah!!

Sunday ~ family party at my mom's house, the menu will be ham, potatoes, veggies, desserts, punch - no specifics known till we get there
Meatless Monday ~ I think I'm going to try out some sort of crustless quiche with a mixture of veggies I have on hand, fresh and frozen (spinach, carrots, celery, orange bell pepper, mushrooms... and I wonder how good some fresh beets would be in it... I think I'll leave those out...)
Tuesday ~ since we didn't have it last week... tilapia with roasted corn
Wednesday ~ leftover quiche
Thursday ~ again, since we didn't have it last week... crockpot rotisserie chicken, probably with some roasted carrots and parsnips
Friday ~ I'll make chicken stock in the crockpot today, so no crockpot to use and I'm working this Friday, so I'll need another easy-prep meal. I think I might try a crunchy chicken poppy seed casserole to use some of the leftover chicken from Thursday.
Saturday ~ I'll can the stock today. We'll see what we're in the mood for... but we'll most likely end up having chili chicken and veggie soup to use up some more leftover chicken


Justin and Mary said...

I hope you like the quiche! I think I could eat quiche every day :P So yummy.

I hope the party was fun.

Chicken and stock. Good ideas. I really need to learn how to use my pressure canner soon.

Go MSU!!!

Sara said...

I love quiche, too. And so does Carson! I ordered it when Jaime, Carson, and I went out to lunch on Friday (it was a chicken and broccoli quiche and was soooo good!!) and he was chowing it down and then ate my leftovers on Saturday for lunch. He loves eggs in general, but I think quiche is going to be more of a regular thing for us - Kevin's just going to have to suck it up for Carson! :)