Monday, November 17, 2008

Recap and Meal Plans

A little late with this post this week. Its been a busy weekend, though, and now that I'm in Toronto, I finally have a few minutes to catch up on blogging. (I updated posts with pictures back to the Salsa Chicken post) I was able to do some canning this past weekend... 18 pints and 1 half-pint of applesauce and 6 pints and 1 half-pint of pearsauce. I still have more pears to use, but only took out some of them to use over the weekend. The others will stay fresh till I have time to deal with them again. I'm hoping to do some baking with a few of them. I also have lots of apples left still. About half of the box of Cortlands that I got from my brother-in-law's parents, about 12 McIntosh, and about 10 Galas. They'll keep till I can deal with them after my trip, too. I'm also hoping to do some baking with some of them.

As far as meals go this week, Kevin is on his own most of the week. He has a fridge full of leftovers to either take for lunch or eat for dinner, as well as lots of options in the pantry or freezer. So I really only have to think about meals for three days this week...

Sunday ~ goulash, leftover cornbread for Sara, leftover rolls for Kevin
Friday ~ not totally sure yet, but I'm thinking maybe gorgonzola filled meatballs with garlic mashed potatoes
Saturday ~ again not totally sure, but maybe uptown pork chops with apples

I don't think I'll do any canning this weekend. I'm just looking forward to seeing Carson and Kevin again and spending time together as a family. I would like to do some baking, though... maybe an apple or pear clafoutis.

For now, I'm off to explore the underground part of Toronto. And to find some dinner.

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