Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

We're headed to church this morning. Then we may go on a little color tour, possibly making a stop at a cider mill or heading down to Kensington Metropark. I also have to pick up some fresh chickens - I ordered another four whole birds, 40 feet, and 20 necks. I totally forgot about picking them up yesterday, so I'll go pick them up later this afternoon. Tomorrow I'm headed to Sarnia, Ontario for a couple days, staying over just one night. Wednesday I'll be in Windsor all day. Thursday Kevin may go mountain biking. Friday night we might meet up with my SIL, BIL, and nephews at Crossroads Village for trick-or-treating if the weather is nice.  And Saturday we're headed to Almar Organic Orchards with my mom's family for our monthly family day. We'll go back to my Grandpa's house for dinner, playing cards, and hanging out.

Here's the plan for the week...

Sunday - church; color tour?; Parshallville?; Kensington Metropark?; pick up chickens
(cut up chickens and freeze; freeze feet and necks in packages for stock)
B: scrambled eggs with cheese and veggies
L: picnic
D: crockpot chicken noodle soup

Monday - in Sarnia
B: yogurt and granola
D: leftovers

Tuesday - in Sarnia
B: muffins from freezer
D: at my parents'

Wednesday - in Windsor
(boil eggs)
B: pumpkin scones or muffins
D: crockpot baked potato soup with ham from the freezer

Thursday - Kevin biking?
B: hard boiled egg; fruit
D: chicken divan over spaghetti squash

Friday - Crossroads Village with Poiriers?  
(make yogurt)
B: scrambled eggs
D: grilled salmon; roasted veggies

Saturday - family day/night at Almar Orchards and Grandpa's
B: sourdough pancakes
L: leftovers
D: at Grandpa's house... we're having homemade chicken noodle soup (with homemade noodles and broth... mmm!) and other things that are TBD, I'm bringing pumpkin muffins (I'll be modifying the recipe for soaked whole grains, coconut oil, and healthy ingredients... I'll post the result)

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Mary Voogt said...

Sounds like a fun week...aside from having to be way for a night. Hope it went well.

I bet the pumpkin muffins will turn out really well.