Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everyday Minerals/Everyday Naturals Makeup

I have been looking for a better, natural makeup for quite awhile now. I've tried several different kinds, but really haven't been all that happy with them. I was very interested in a brand that my SIL recently tried - Everyday Minerals/Everyday Naturals. Mary was very happy with their face makeup - you can read her review here. I was almost out of a few different eye shadows, so I decided to place an order and give them a try. I ordered five eye colors to start with so I could get 2 different looks. I also ordered some brow color, lipstick, a face powder brush, and a face powder sample set (which was actually free).   

I've been very happy with everything and have placed another two orders for some new looks (more eye colors, some blush, some bronzer, another lip color, more face powder samples, and some more brushes). I really like the coverage and vibrancy of the eye colors. The color stays put all day and doesn't get all gunked up in the crease of my eyelid like many other brands have. I don't generally wear foundation or concealer or anything, but you can try a face powder foundation kit free with any order so I've had a chance to try a few different powders. I've been quite impressed with the bases. Like the eye colors, they stay put all day... the face in the mirror at the end of the day actually resembles the face that you created that morning. I still prefer to wear no foundation makeup, but on the occasions when I want to wear it, I'm very happy to have this in the drawer.  I've also been very impressed with the blush and bronzers.  The lipstick is very nice, too.  I do wish it was a long-wear lip color, though. 

All of the Everyday Minerals/Everyday Naturals makeup is organic, vegan, and eco-friendly. All of their products are rated 0-3 by the EWG. They do no animal testing. All makeup ingredients are sourced in the United States and are made in Texas (they do source their containers from Taiwan and make the brushes in Korea, though.. but I'm happy their makeup is all sourced here).

All of the makeup is also very reasonably priced. It was very refreshing to see some good, healthy makeup that is available at such great prices! Each of my eye colors was only $6.50 or $7.00, which I think is amazing compared to the prices I have been paying! They're always offering free gifts with purchase (in addition to the free face makeup samples) and have run some really great sales (I got 25% off, plus free stuff on one of my orders!).  Shipping costs are also very reasonable and orders ship very quickly.

I am very excited about this makeup! Thank you, Mary, for making me aware of it! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new makeup that contains healthy ingredients that are not going to poison your body.

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Mary Voogt said...

Glad you like it. I still love it! And I'm still just using my samples. The website says they are for 3-5 uses. Ha! I've been using them for a couple months, and I still have PLENTY left. I've only opened 4 out 10 containers! It'll be a while before I have to order the full size.