Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

We have a normal week this week with no traveling. Kevin thought he may have to be on another work trip this week, but he doesn't, which is nice! This afternoon, we'll be going over to my BFF's mom's house to visit with Jaime and Jeff before they had back to Arizona. Tuesday I'll be going to my local WAPF chapter meeting in the afternoon. Wednesday Kevin may go biking. Friday i.s my flex day. Carson and I will go to Kindermusik and then head out to pick up our milk and CSA order in the morning. In the afternoon, I may be going into my niece's classroom to do an activity on maps and bridges with her class. Saturday we're planning to be in East Lansing for MSU Homecoming tailgates if the wweather is nice.  We're not going to the game, just going to walk around and see our friends that will be in town.  My nephew's first birthday was postponed till Saturday due to some colds, but we're not sure if we'll make it back in time for the party, or not. 

Last week was productive, even with Kevin gone.  I made cultured butter.  I froze a lot of squash and pumpkins.  I think I'll get a couple more jumbo butternuts and maybe a couple more sugar pie pumpkins this week and call it good for the year.  I also made a large batch (gallon) of sauerkraut.  I decided to buy a Picklemeister since its much more efficient than doing it the way I did last time (I never posted it, but last time I did it the way the Wild Fermentation book describes it, which can also be found on the Nourishing Gourmet blog).  I'm very excited to see how the kraut turns out at the end of this week.  I also made and canned a lot of applesauce last week.  I've got another batch to do today and maybe one more next weekend if I order more organic apples, but then I'm done for the year.  I think that's really the last of my canning that I'll do this year.  I also did quite a bit of dehydrating last week - squash and pumpkin seeds, apple slices, and parsley.  I think I've dehydrated enough apple slices for awhile... I have 4 half-gallon jars full of them.  I have about 2 quarts of squash seeds and about 1 quart of pumpkin seeds.  And I have a quart of dried parsley.  I ordered more parsley this week so I can dry another quart and that should get me through the year, I think. 

This week, I'll do another batch or two of applesauce.  If I order more squash and pumpkins, I'll roast and freeze those, as well.  I'll be making a gallon of kim chi at the end of the week, after I pick up our CSA order.  I'll be chopping and freezing celery and onions and blanching and freezing more carrots.  I'm also planning to do some baking with my sourdough... right now I'm thinking pumpkin sourdough bread and I'd like to make some sourdough crepes. 

Sunday ~ Bev's house
(feed sd starter; make kefirs; make and can applesauce; make baked oatmeal for week; make pumpkin sourdough bread?)
B: sourdough english muffins (from freezer) with herbed soft cheese
D: baked pork chops; roasted butternut squash with cheese and sage; applesauce

Monday ~
(make sourdough crepes)
B: baked oatmeal
D: sourdough crepe tacos

Tuesday ~ WAPF
(chop and freeze celery and onions)
B: sourdough crepes filled with homemade soft cheese and home-canned apple pie filling
D: TBD soup in the crockpot

Wednesday ~ Kevin biking
(blanch and freeze carrots)
B: baked oatmeal
D: sourdough crepes filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, and veggies

Thursday ~ Don Pablos with friends
B: yogurt with apple cinnamon grain-free granola
D: I'm going out with friends, Kevin and Carson will eat at my parents' house

Friday ~ flex; Kindermusik; milk/CSA pickup; activity for niece's class?
(roast and freeze squash/pumpkins?; make kim chi; start new cheese?)
B: fried eggs; toast with jam
D: crockpot apricot chicken; roasted veggies

Saturday ~ MSU Homecoming tailgates; Jonah's birthday party
(make and can applesauce?)
B: sourdough pancakes
L: at tailgates or at Jonah's party
D: grilled steaks; roasted veggies


Mary Voogt said...

Wow, lots of great kitchen work. How cool to make butter! So jealous of all of your homemade dairy products with raw milk. Hopefully someday we'll be able to do that.

Glad to hear neither of you has to travel this week.

Hope your week goes well and you can get a lot done. Hope we get to see you on Sat., but if not have fun in Lansing!

The Voogts said...

I also see you're listening to Left Behind. Don't take them literally/as truth.

Did you stop trying to read The Bible?

Sara said...

Oh i'm not. :) they're decent stories to listen to, though. I've been having a hard time finding books on cd at the library lately... at least ones I haven't already listened to. And yes, I am still trying to read the bible, not daily like i'd like though. But i've been doing devotions, not just reading it straight.