Sunday, October 11, 2009

Meal plans and the week ahead

Another week ahead of being a single working mom... and you know, its actually not as bad as it used to be... I think I'm getting used to it. We're just trying to make the best of it. Kevin flies back to Virginia early Monday morning and returns late Friday night again this week.

I've been trying to channel Carson's creative side more and more lately. We've been trying to do something creative every night after we eat dinner and before bath time and our bedtime routine. Whether its just coloring, play-doh, or a special project, Carson loves it! We went out one night last week and looked for pretty, brightly colored leaves on the property. We brought them in and pressed them between wax paper and the pages of the phone book. We'll use them for some fun crafts this week. We'll make a crown for Carson to wear, a placemat and coasters with clear contact paper, and we'll do some coloring over top of them. We might attempt a spider hat this week, too... but I think we might save that one for next week.

This Friday is my Flex Friday. I really hope the weather is nice! I'd like to take Carson to a local orchard in the morning. And in the late afternoon, we're planning to meet up with my cousin, Michelle, and head to East Lansing to eat a quick dinner downtown and then watch the MSU Homecoming parade. So hopefully the weather is ok... as long as its not raining or snowing, we'll go. If the weather is bad, maybe we'll take a trip to Safari Playground - its this really cool indoor playground near where we live. Then on Saturday, we're planning to take Carson to his first Spartan tailgate(s) for Homecoming. Hopefully the weather is good for that, too.

I won't do much in terms of extras this week. I plan to pick up a bushel of apples at the orchard on Friday, so I would like to do a couple batches of applesauce on Saturday after the tailgates. I also want to bake some apple muffins on Saturday. And that's probably it for the week.

I'm still taking the easy route on our dinners. Easy and fast is essential right now. Having Carson's favorites is also a bonus since he'll eat them best and we get through dinner more quickly. So here's the plan...

Sunday - baked ziti; roasted brussels sprouts and carrots from the garden; organic store-bought applesauce

Meatless Monday - We'll be eating at my parents' house since my mom is watching Carson.

Tuesday - chicken divan from the freezer; home-canned peaches

Wednesday - Swim class tonight, so a portable meal... PB&J sandwiches with organic PB and homemade raspberry jam; sliced co-jack cheese; zucchini bread muffins from the freezer

Thursday - hot dogs; organic mac & cheese from a box; apple slices

Friday - Its my flex day! Orchard in the morning, MSU Homecoming parade in the afternoon. Dinner in East Lansing.

Saturday - Go Green! Going to the Spartan tailgates in the morning. We'll eat lunch in East Lansing. I'll probably throw something in the crockpot for dinner... likely to be chicken tortilla soup. I'll pull some zucchini yeast rolls out of the freezer to have with the soup.


Justin and Mary said...

Sounds like some yummy, fun meals. Have you ever posted your recipe for chicken divan? I've never made that before.

Have fun with your projects.

Sara said...

I was looking for it on here yesterday and realized I've never posted it. I'll post it this week sometime. Chicken divan is so good and the way we make it is soooo easy!