Sunday, September 25, 2011


Good morning!  Today I am simplifying a little.  It's something I've been thinking of doing for awhile now and am finally just doing it.  I'll be taking many small steps to simplify my life.  Why small steps?  Because the small things on their own may be just that... small.  But when you add them all up, they are quite large.  So I am going to eliminate some of the smaller things.  And I am starting with the cessation of my weekly meal plans post. 

For awhile now, writing my weekly post has just been an annoyance to me - to feel like I had to post my meal plans once a week.  Even though no one is forcing me to do it.  For awhile, I really liked doing the weekly posts and they helped keep me organized. 

Well, I think I'm going to stay just as organized without the posts.  I'll still meal plan based on what we have on hand and what is in season each week, but I'm not going to post them.  I'd rather spend just a little more time playing with Carson, cuddling with my husband, or chatting on the phone or emailing with friends/family than on typing up a weekly post.  Relationships have always been what is most important to me.  So, why take away time from that for an unnecessary weekly post? 

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy blogging.  I'll still post on my blog when I can.  But it won't be a priority - as it hasn't been for awhile.  I've got a back-log of posts that I need to get online.  I'll get to them as I have time, though.  Again, I will not let blogging take away from my relationships.  But you will still see new posts from me.  Some weeks, you may see several.  Other weeks none.  It will just depend on my life that week.  I already have very limited "extra" or "free" time on any given day at work.  So when I do find myself with a few spare minutes, I'd much rather spend that time catching up with a friend or family member than on a blog post. 

I'm basically taking my blog back to its original intent... to provide myself a way of keeping recipes organized.  Its much easier for me to jump on my blog to find a recipe than it is to sift through a recipe book or recipe cards.  I'm sure I'll still occasionally post about things other than recipes, but like I said... relationships are my priority, not this blog.  :) 

For those that also follow our family blog, I'll still maintain that one, as well.  And it will take priority over this one.  We use our family blog as our digital scrapbook and it is important to me to record fun things and memories for the future. 


The Voogts said...

Glad you are doing what works for you. It can be a lot of work to keep up with a blog.

I'll be bummed not to know what you guys are up to each week :P Maybe we'll have to get back into the habit of more regular emails again.

Enjoy your free time away from the computer.

Sara said...

It'd be great if we can get back to regular emails, Mary, then you'll know what's going on in our world. :) Your statement right there is one of the reasons I'm trying to get back to other forms of communication again. And it is one of the worst things about blogging, in my opinion. By following a blog and having that be your primary means of knowing what is going on w/ folks, you lose everything personal, the connection, etc. You can't grow relationships that way... at least not the kind I want in my life. :)